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Adventures in natural parks
In addition to attracting tourists, Minnesota has an irresistible fauna and flora. The many forests and water bodies provide habitat for wildlife and environment for their own adventure nature documentary. The . More
Historic Hastings, An Array of
Eat, drink, and be amazed at the happenings in Hastings this fall. The stately river town has activities for all ages, including apple festivals, an award-winning winery, a corn maze, antique shops galore and a. More
The Heart of Northwestern Minn
In the heart of northwestern Minnesota is an exciting visitor destination called River land. Seven vibrant communities comprise this region. River land communities include East Grand Forks, Crooks ton, Thief Ri. More
Perfect swell into wolves (2 p
The sunsets have always had a special dye and especially those autumn afternoons, half-orange color and even pleasant. A gentle walk along a good friend of life. The waves breaking with a good size so perfect. More

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Minnesota is a beautiful state and Narconon supports many communities with our holistic drug and Alcohol rehab programs. Minnesota offers an ideal natural setting for drug and alcohol treatment centers.