Minnesota doctors to alert parents to the warning signs of flu

Minnesota doctors are urging parents to observe the warning signs that your child is having a bad case of H1N1 and to seek the H1N1 vaccine for your child when available.

There is growing awareness that the H1N1 virus in Minnesota this week due to a recent report that 6 of otherwise healthy children a year died from the virus of death (the seventh reported in the state) and the news that Minnesota has begun to receive shipments of the vaccine against H1N1.

Most H1N1 patients have mild disease, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children under 5 (especially children under 2 years), pregnant women and patients with chronic disease should speak with a qualified health care about whether it is necessary to consider whether they have symptoms of flu this season. The emergency warning signs, according to the CDC.

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