Prior Lake in Minnesota

After an exhausting week of appointments, enrollment and paperwork, Celia, Virginie and I went to Prior Lake with the family of welcome to Celia.

Prior Lake is a city 32 km southeast of downtown Minneapolis in Minnesota.

We went to the family house of welcome to Celia. We took a boat ride, the friend of Celia’s parents greeted us and had accelerated jumps pegabamos dead laughter, yelled, was exciting. It was very warm and we swam, we even tuning (up a floating donut being dragged by the boat at full speed was great, very exciting)

Things that surprised me the American family: their eyes, prayed before eating, when you talk to them of literature focused on Puritan authors, a girl who was in college told me that his purpose in life was to marry and have children and educate them at home, would not have to go to school, and said if that was not enough studying French, so maybe being a French teacher someday, is going to go to France.

The boys of the family and this girl told us that they love to go to Europe once.

Landscape beautiful things: the bald eagle, eagle typical U.S., the water was warmer than in Galicia, it was extremely hot, about 30 degrees. I burn and all.

Virginie, Celia and I Went to Prior Lake with Celia’s host family. Prior Lake is a city 20 miles (32 km) southwest of downtown Minneapolis in the U.S. state of Minnesota in Scott County.

We Took a trip in a Motorboat and we did tuning Also, it WAS so coool!

Things that surprised me: They Told Us They Would like to go to Europe one day, They Talk about American Puritanism.

Curious Landscape: American Bald Eagle, the not was really cold water, There Was 30 degrees, very hot. We had fantastic summer weather, I burnt my skin a little!

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