Some Little Secrets of Minnesota



Some Little Secrets of Minnesota

If you are planning a visit to Minnesota, you will most always be recommended to go to its renowned twin cities and the famous Mississippi river. Minnesota is a quaint state but has been recognized even by CNN as a great tourist spot that the US can boast about. Other than their famous tourist spots, however, a visit to this Midwestern state at the right date may just offer you some extra memoirs.

The Shopping
If there’s an activity that you should not miss when you visit Minnesota, that would be shopping. As UK travel resource DialAFlight advises, “If it’s shopping you like, then look no further than the giant Mall of America in Minneapolis which makes Bluewater look like a corner shop. And if you want some culture, head across the Mississippi River to the twin city of St Paul.”

Rare Sights During Fall
“This fall, Minnesota will have excellent fall colors because the state has had the sunny days and cool nights that are the perfect recipe for colors that really pop,” local news website reported. Fall season is actually the second busiest travel season for the state as travel resource Explore Minnesota points out.

A much rarer reason to try to go to this state of western prairies is to catch a glimpse of the awesome Aurora Borealis. According to news site The Guardian, this year’s fall season is actually a peak period for viewing such rare natural display.

Road Trips and Regional Events
Coinciding with what KSTP news exclaims, road trips are highly recommended when going around Minnesota. Because the neighborhoods and cities are mostly plains, driving is made all the luxurious with much more time taking in the scenery. “If you want to take a long drive and see the colors, Explore Minnesota said some of the best spots include Highway 61 along the North Shore, the St. Croix and Mississippi River Valleys along with Otter Tail County in northwest Minnesota,” KSTP details.

Along with a good road trip, provides a list of some of the most significant events in Minnesota. You can have a read, see what interests you, and plan a trip that coincides with that event’s schedule.

Minnesota may not have Disney or Hollywood, but it sure does have treasures only it can provide. Enjoy both outdoor and urban life in this Midwestern territory.

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