Surfing in Hawaii

surf-oahuHawaii is the place to surf, the magnificent beach, the sun is not oppressive and waves are the largest in the world, some reaching up to 7 meters in winter madness. And is that Hawaii was formed from the seabed, where volcanic eruptions that shaped the islands, as well as to the coral reefs that are off.

When the bottom of the wave touches the coral, its velocity decreases and this causes the wave to rise, high earning, that’s why they are so great for those who love surfing. This morning the sea is so choppy and the waves are moderate, we are exactly at Sunset Beach on Oahu, an island where Honolulu is located, the capital of Hawaii and the famous Pearl Harbor. That yes, the most famous beach for surfing in Oahu is the Bonzai Pipeline, but we do not dare to surf there because it is a place for experts only, which are not.

I like vertigo, I like when water splashes everywhere and the sea brings me to the sand, the sea rises and leaves me experience his power, his strength. I like surfing and practiced in Hawaii so unique. Charlie is screaming at me my heart beats a thousand … We’ll have much partying after adrenaline.

I grabbed only two waves because then I had to dedicate myself to that she was amused, as Frank with his girlfriend. Were only two waves but the experience was quite extraordinary. In a while I’ll try again …

Other recommended beaches on Oahu, not so much for surfing but for snorkeling are Purpukea Park, Waimea, always north of the island, where the best beaches. To the south you will find Waikiki, one of the most famous beaches in Hawaii.

Getting to Oahu is a simple thing, in the south of the island is Honolulu International Airport, where most visitors arrive in Hawaii.

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